We loved Seattle, it is a massively underrated city. Cool bars and restaurants, plenty of museums and tourist sights, an amazing location on the water and neighbourhoods packed with personality make this such a fab destination. PLUS gluten free Seattle is awesomeeeee. There are gluten free bakeries and restaurants galore, plus various coeliac-friendly establishments that I was really impressed by. Read on to find out more!

Gluten Free Seattle


Flying Apron

This fully gluten free, dairy free and vegan bakery has two branches in Seattle. We visited the Fremont bakery/cafe and it was a really sweet set up, with mounds of cakes and bakes to tempt you in. Their cinnamon buns are very very good indeed.


A fully gluten free bakery and small cafe. Niche is a great option for a quick breakfast or lunch. You could also grab one of their “Nutellinis” to go – two gluten free Belgian waffles stuffed with nutella – utterly scoffable. They do amazing gluten free cookies too. This was one of my favourite gluten free spots in Seattle.


Another fully gluten free bakery producing a variety of sweet and savoury treats. They bake some impressive loaves of gluten free bread too. Admittedly the bread did need to be refreshed in the microwave (but so often gluten free bread does need this little boost), but their olive bread was so flavoursome! I can recommend their gluten free quiches too.

Wildflour Gluten Free Baking Company

A fully gluten free bakery to the East of Seattle. We didn’t have time to visit but it looks good and I have heard positive reviews.

Cinnamon Works

A small store front within the Pike Street Market complex, making it a little tricky to find but worth it if you have a sugar craving. They bake big gluten free cookies. It is a mixed facility but they are very clear about baking the gluten free good separately and preventing cross contamination.


Capitol Cider

A must visit for coeliacs in Seeattle is 100% gluten free Capitol Cider. We loved this place. This awesome pub-style restaurant has a fully gluten free menu and dozens of different ciders. The food is such a treat. From gluten free fish and chips to pulled pork sandwiches and chocolate cheesecake, we were impressed with everything we tried.

Ghostfish Brewing Company

A gluten free brewery with a fully gluten free menu. Their culinary delights include pork belly mac n cheese, fish and chips, burgers, potato skins, nachos and cheesecake. Blimey. They offer some dairy free, vegan and veggie options too.

Razzis Pizzeria

Oh sweeeeeeet pizza, take me to your mothership! Razzis is the ULTIMATE coeliac-friendly destination in Seattle and their pizza is incredible. They have a separate gluten free kitchen that is certified as safe for coeliacs and a huuuuuge gluten free menu. We had an enormous pizza from here (it fed two of us for two meals and was bigger than our 6 month old daughter haha), which was excellent. Really great base with generous toppings. Check their website as they regularly post coupons – we bagged a free side of gluten free mozzarella sticks. They also have a range of gluten free desserts including cheesecake and tiramisu. Lots of gluten free vegan and dairy free pizza options too.

Portage Bay Cafe

My top recommendation for a coeliac safe brunch. I had delicious French toast here! Mention you are coeliac and they will put your order through as a special order, ensuring the kitchen staff clean the grill and use special processes. I felt very comfortable as the servers were totally clued up on gluten free and coeliac needs. Other gluten free options include three varieties of gluten free pancakes, homemade gluten free bread for all the sandwiches and lots of amazing brunch and lunch items. We visited the big, airy Ballard branch, which was also extremely kid friendly :).

Casco Antiguo

An authentic Mexican eatery with lots of gluten free options. Let them know if you are coeliac and they will take extra care to avoid cross contamination.

Cafe Flora

A vegetarian restaurant with numerous gluten free options, all marked on the menu. They also have a dedicated fryer.

Revolve True Food & Wine Bar

A fully gluten free restaurant outside of Seattle, surely making it worth the drive! Dinner and an amazing-sounding weekend brunch menu.

Ballard Annex Oyster House

Don’t go out of your way but I passed this place in Ballard and they looked to have lots of gluten free items on their menu, including lobster bisque and clam chowder. Obviously oysters too, as well as seafood stir fries and curries. Worth investigating if you are in the neighbourhood and fancy some seafood.

Dukes Seafood & Chowder

My fellow gluten free blogger sightseeingcoeliac recommended this chain to me. She said they serve wonderful gluten free clam chowder. We didn’t have time to visit, but I fully trust her recommendations for coeliac-friendly eateries. You will find branches of this chowder joint all over Seattle.


Hot Cakes

In Ballard, their decadent hot chocolate pots are naturally gluten free (aside from the vegan variety) as they contain only chocolate eggs and sugar. You can eat in or buy to take away and heat at home. Note there is a may contain wheat warning, but they assured me they are very careful when manufacturing the pots.

I love My GFF

A weekday food cart that is fully gluten free. They serve quinoa bowls and gluten free choc chip cookies. Check their website to find out where they are located when you are planning to visit.

Frankie & Jos

I wish we had had time to visit this fully gluten free (and vegan) ice cream shop. Their gluten free waffle cones and toppings sound amazing!

HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe

A fully gluten free and dairy free cafefully gf and vegan, with a focus on superfoods and healthy meals.

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