Portland has a reputation as one the most hipster US cities and it has a roaring foodie scene. Luckily for us coeliacs that means the gluten free Portland choices are extensive, with a number of fully gluten free bakeries and restaurants to be discovered. We tried as much as we could on our recent Portland trips but there was no way we could get round all the gluten free eateries! I was given tonnes of tips though by fellow coeliacs and I have added those here so you have the full selection.

I’ve split the guide into bakeries, restaurants and grab and go (quick eats you can buy to take away or for a quick lunch in situ), for ease of reference. Oh and there is also a brewery section as Portland has an amazing fully gluten free brewery where you can taste test nine different gluten free beers. Cheers to that!

Gluten Free Portland


There are a tonne of brilliant gluten free Portland bakeries, including a couple that are also dairy free and vegan. Read on to discover the finest gluten free treats in town!

Back To Eden Bakery

A fully gluten free, dairy free and vegan bakery that produces some excellent cakes. Their Alberta Street location is the largest and we tried various baked good from here including an utterly brilliant strawberry bundt cake. It was juicy and soft with a crisp melt-in-the-mouth frosting. Back to Eden serve tonnes of sweet and savoury treats here, plus breakfast and lunch options if you want to eat in. Definitely worth a visit.

Gluten Free Gem

A sweet 100% gluten free bakery with a cafe. I had a fab pizza bread and cookie from Gluten Free Gem. Really high quality. We got here late in the day and there wasn’t a huge selection left, so I recommend visiting in the morning of you gluten free Portland tour.

Kyra’s Bakeshop

A fully gluten free bakery. I have heard so many good things about Kyra’s Bakeshop but we didn’t get to visit as they are slightly out of town. Apparently their cinnamon buns are legendary.

New Cascadia Traditional

My favourite fully gluten free bakery in Portland. Everything we ate from New Cascadia was excellent – from the cinnamon buns and peach streusel muffins to their killer brunch options, you have to visit! Be sure to try one of their breakfast bagels, topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese or filled with other breakfast favourites, the bread was top quality. The bagels were covered with tasty seeds and a mix of chewy and soft – ideal and so good to find a proper gluten free bagel.

Petunia’s Pies and Pastries

A fully gluten free and vegan location. Vegans, you will absolutely love this place. Very cool styling and some spectacularly huge cakes. I went for their homemade waffle cones and icecream but sadly they had run out. They offer waffles and doughnuts on their breakfast and lunch menu at the weekend, plus beer, wine and cocktails.



This restaurant has a gluten free menu available and came recommended by a few of my followers. It was one of the first places in Portland to offer properly gluten free food and staff really know their stuff. Note it is not a fully gluten free kitchen but they take precautions to prevent cross contamination.

Bang Bang

Fully gluten free, dairy free and peanut free. Thai-inspired food, such as spring rolls, curry bowls and veggie skewers.

Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine

Another fully gluten free Asian eatery, this time focusing on Vietnamese and pan-Asian cuisine. Dishes include honey sesame chicken, pho, Korean ribs and haystack fries.


Fully gluten free and vegetarian, with a focus on organic food.

Mississippi Pizza pub

Apparently the best gluten free pizza in Portland! We didn’t try it ourselves though so I will let you decide. They have measures to prevent cross contamination but please double check when you visit.

Pastini Pastaria

A great spot to hit for authentic Italian pasta dishes. They offer gluten free pasta and do some amazing pasta sauces.

Seres Restaurant

Not fully gluten free but there are lots of gluten free options at this American Chinese restaurant. GF choices are marked on the menu – please check about any deep fried items’ suitability for coeliacs when you visit.


A very fun pancake place where you can make your own glutne free pancakes. You have a little hot plate on your table (cleaned for your use, so it is fully gluten free) and a tube of gluten free pancake batter – you make your own pancakes at your table! A fantastic option for kids and pancake loves alike.

Thrive Sauce and Bowls

A fully gluten free spot serving up gluten free tempura, fried chicken rice bowls and other tasty treats.

Verde Cocina en la Perla

A fully gluten free (food) Mexican restaurant, with four locations across Portland. It is quite a healthy version of Mexican food…so if you want a big chessetastic Mexican feast then this isn’t the spot for you. But the food is tasty enough and you can rest easy knowing everything is gluten free. Oh and they serve gluten free beer as well.

Grab and Go

Cultured Caveman

A fully gluten free, dairy free, soy free, paleo cafe and takeaway spot. We had some delicious food from Cultured Caveman, especially their fried chicken. I would say their portions were quite small though (by US standards), so maybe order more than you think you’ll need. We were still a bit hungry after our light lunch!


A fully gluten free food cart. Indian food.

Eb and Bean

A vegan frozen yoghurt joint – all the soft serve flavours are gluten free and they offer gluten free cones. They also have some gluten free toppings, such as cookie dough crumble.

GF Chef

We tried to visit this food fully gluten free food cart, but annoyingly for us they had had to close for the day – waaaail. Their food sounds so good and includes pancakes and waffles, fried chicken and fish and chips.

Jouk Li Jou

Another fully gluten free food cart, this time serving Haitian food.

Jurassic Cart

Another one :). This one is fully gluten free too, with a focus on meat.


The grab and go sister restaurant of Harlow (above), again fully gluten free and vegetarian. Healthy grub, including rice bowls and smoothies.

Ruby Jewel Scoops

A mixed facility serving up ice cream sandwiches. They offer gluten free chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Staff will scoop your ice cream from fresh containers if you tell them you are coeliac.

Tiny Moreso

A fully gluten free spot that specialises in vegan cheesecakes.


Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

We tried to visit but it was busyyyyyyyyy. This brewery is not fully gluten free but they do have a decent gluten free food menu and gluten free beer. PLUS a dedicated fryer :).

Ground Breaker Brewing

This Portland brewery brews gluten free beer only and has EIGHT varieties plus a cider and 100% gluten free food. You can get tasting trays to try all the different varieties, perfect for a laid back afternoon or evening. The beers were great and even my non coeliac friends enjoyed them. Definitely worth a visit. The brewery was started by a guy whose wife was diagnosed as coeliac – ain’t nothing like a love story to really get you into a place :). The food is gastropub style – burgers, pizza, pork chops, sandwiches, fried chicken, etc. I really wish they served fries with their burgers though…it was a bit odd having it served with a side of crisps!

Schilling Cider House

With over 50 varieties of cider and a gluten free kitchen serving comfort food this is a total gem. They have a nice outdoor patio. Their gluten free food includes arancini, corn dogs and tater tots!

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Happy travels! x