Barcelona in Spain is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. It has it all: culture, history, beautiful parks, the beach, nightlife, shopping and, most importantly, fantastic gluten free food.

Coeliacs exploring gluten free Barcelona will find that many restaurants specifically mark coeliac-safe options on their menus or at least indicate the gluten free choices. As illustrated below by my husband, some restaurants even have a coeliac association sign in their window!

With a couple of useful phrases in your back pocket (see below) and a Spanish language coeliac restaurant card you will easily be able to double check with staff and make them aware of your requirements. Here is my gluten free Barcelona guide!

Coeliac Spanish Phrasebook

Soy celiaco (m), soy celiaca (f) = I am coeliac

Sin gluten = gluten free (Spanish)

Sense gluten = gluten free (Catalan)

Where to Stay

Many Spanish hotels can cater well for coeliac guests, just remember to notify them at the time of booking. Here are some hotel options in Barcelona that are able to provide gluten free meals:

Gluten Free Barcelona – Get Your Cake Fix

Now there are some wonderful sites to be seen in Barcelona, but you could easily while a weekend away on your own gluten free Barcelona cake tour. There seem to be so many gluten free bakeries scattered across the city.

Jansana Gluten Free Bakery (100% GF)

If you only have time to visit one I would heartily recommend Jansana as there have a huge selection and everything I tried was top quality (and I tried a lot!). Gluten free patisserie, gluten free bread, gluten free local specialities, etc, everything a coeliac would ever want. The gluten free palmiers were especially good.

Amiette Gluten Free Bakery (100% GF)

A newbie that has opened since I last visited, but I am seeing some rave reviews about this place so it must be worth trying.

Gula Sana Gluten Free Bakery (100% GF)

Even more gluten free cake this time at fully gluten free bakery and cafe Gula Sana near the Sagrada Familia. They have all other allergens marked clearly too and have a massive range of cakes, biscuits and sandwiches. Dairy free options available.

Pasticelia (100% GF)

An fully gluten free cake shop with an awesome selection of gluten free treats. Google says they may be temporarily closed (February 2022), but worth checking out if you are in the neighbourhood.

Ca La Maria (100% GF)

A fully gluten and lactose free bakery, the pictures look wonderful! Fresh bread, pastries filled with cream, croissants and more, this has opened since I last visited but really looks worth a visit. You can grab and go or sit at one of the cafe tables.

Celiadictos (100% GF)

Yet another gluten free bakery (I told you we were spoilt for choice!). We did not have a chance to visit this one as they were closed but the cakes looked good online!

Espai Joliu

A cool little cafe and plant/homeware concept store, which had a couple of gluten free cake options when we visited so could be a good spot for a quick coffee. Do check about cross contamination protocols and be aware that their gluten free offering may have changed. Worst case you’ll get to have a browse through their cool homeware :).


Just off Las Ramblas, they don’t have much in the way of gluten free but I spotted some gluten free polenta cakes when I went in. Really nothing remarkable, but I’m including them due to the central tourist-spot location.

Granja M.Viader

An old school cafe and Barcelona institution offering gluten free cheesecake and sandwiches on their menu.

Pans & Co

A coffee shop chain with branches across Barcelona, which has a few gluten free cake options in sealed packets.

Gluten Free On The Go in Barcelona

Cal Marius

What a gem of a place! Close to the Sagrada Familia, this family-run cafe restaurant has a fully gluten free and lactose free menu. They do IMMENSE gluten free bagels that you can take away along with a gluten free beer (they have quite a selection). I had a pastrami and caramelised onion-packed dream of a bagel (the best gluten free bagel I have ever had, perfect texture) and the owner was super helpful and friendly. They also have a full gluten free tapas selection and tables for dining in if you prefer. A must visit.


Another fantastic gluten free sandwich spot is Conesa. Part of a chain, there is one off Las Ramblas and they are certified by the Catalonian coeliac association to confirm there is no cross-contamination. I was a little bit nervous queuing up as I could see gluteny bread flying everywhere, but as soon as I ordered mine it turned out the gluten free sandwiches were prepared in a separate downstairs area. They also offer fries (fried in uncontaminated oil), gluten free cakes and gluten free beer, with clear labelling throughout. Our warm gluten free pannini with Spanish ham and gouda was epic. Very good value too at EUR4.60.

The Fish & Chips Shop Carrer de Casanova (100% GF)

Gluten free fish and chips, hello! Note ONLY this specific branch of the chain is gluten free, so avoid the other locations. It’s not traditional British-style fish and chips, but rather a fried fish based menu with cones and small plates of tasty things like calamari and chips or fried artichokes.


An ice-cream parlour with very helpful staff. They offered to scoop my ice-cream from fresh vats in the back to avoid any cross-contamination risk.


You can find the elusive gluten free burger bun at McDonalds in Spain. I didn’t try one at the time as was nervous about cross-contamination, but I have been doing my research since and it seems they are coeliac-safe. The Spanish coeliac society advised McDonalds on proper measures and the gf preparation takes place in a separate area, heated separately, using clean gloves etc.

Burger King

Spanish Burger King branches are also now offering gluten free burgers and cheeseburgers, although not fries and their gluten free menu is limited to the two items I have mentioned.

Coeliac Friendly Restaurants in Barcelona

BoPerTu Cafe (100% GF)

A fully gluten free and lactose free cafe, which I haven’t tried but it looks like a good spot for brunch or lunch.

Potstot (100% GF)

Also fully vegan and lactose free, they’ve mouthwatering traditional Spanish menu items like patatas bravas and croquettes, paella and abondigas. You’ll even find vegan crema catalana here!

Muysca (100% GF)

A Colombian restaurant, which has a fully gluten free menu. When I messaged them their chef Johnattan confirmed they only use gluten free ingredients for their dishes and it all looks yummy!


Gluten free burgers, pancakes, cocktails, excellent brunch and gluten free beer. Copasetic is a lovely little café/restaurant that offers a huge range of gluten free options. Fine for us coeliacs too as they prepare any gluten free food options in a dedicated area, away from the gluteny options.

M2 Gluten Free (100% GF)

A fully gluten free restaurant that has opened since my last visit. Reviews seem to be good and no cross-contamination worries, so I will definitely be checking it out when I next visit. A coeliac follower recently went and she told me it certainly got her seal of approval and she loved it.

En Ville (99% GF)

The entire menu is suitable for coeliacs, but they also offer gluteny bread hence why on 99% GF. It is certified by the Catalan coeliac society and is slightly fancy – the place for a treat meal. They do also offer a good value set lunch menu though.

L’Arrossería Xàtiva 

A good spot for paella, their menu specifically mentions coeliacs and they appear to have a good array of paella and other dishes that can be made gluten free.

Els Pollos de Llull

Chicken and chips, staff are trained to prevent cross-contamination and are well-versed in gluten free options. The menu includes fried potatoes cooked in a dedicated fryer. Menu is clearly marked up with the cross-grain symbol to show which dishes are gluten free.

Il Piccolo Focone

Coeliac friendly pizza, according to many Tripadvisor reviews. The owner has coeliac disease running in his family so understands the importance of avoiding cross contamination.

Out Of China

This Chinese restaurant can make a number of its dishes gluten free and has processes in place to minimise the risk of cross contamination for coeliacs. Let them know you are coeliac when you order. Gluten free options include steamed dumplings, rice bowls, fried chicken and prawns, and noodles. The food looks absolutely delicious!

Thai Barcelona

A Thai restaurant that is accredited by the Catalunyan coeliac society and is coeliac friendly. Very central location.

Flax & Kale

Lots of gluten free options here, all clearly marked on the menu. Let them know if you are coeliac so they can take extra care to avoid cross contamination as this place seems to focus on the trendy side of gluten free. I had a massive portion of spaghettini gluten free pasta with plant-based bolognaise sauce. There is a heavy lean on veggie and vegan options, with a focus on healthy food. As well as main dishes they do brunch, mezze platters, mega smoothies and a range of gluten free cakes.

Gut Restaurant

Most of the menu is gluten free or can be readily adapted to be gluten free, they even do lots of gluten free desserts. Allergens are clearly marked on the menu.


We stumbled across Llamber, a Catalan restaurant, one evening and ended up having a lovely meal here – I was impressed at how well they catered for me as a coeliac. The menu is marked up to show which items are gluten free and the waiter advised me speak to avoid any fried items (the oil is contaminated). They offer wonderful warm gluten free bread that arrives at your tabel in a sealed packet. Best take a sharing dish approach here in order to try as much as possible! Beetroot carpaccio with raspberries, pistachio and prawns was one of the fabulous para picar dishes we sampled.

La Gavina Restaurant

For paella by the sea try La Gavina. This place is great for coeliacs as the menu is specifically marked up to show coeliac safe choices and there are tonnes of gluten free options focused largely on seafood and paella.

Messie Sin Gluten

A fully gluten free pizza place, certified by the Catalan coeliac society, with two gluten free locations in Barcelona (note there is a third non gf one). Go here for an amazing selection of gluten free pizza, pasta and salads, without any cross-contamination worries.


A chain of Catalan restaurants with a strong gluten free offering and a dedicated gluten free menu (ask a server). They offer gluten free bread and even gluten free beer. Think macaroni cheese for starter followed by charcoal-grilled meat and Catalan-style potatoes for main. They also do lots of charcoal-grilled vegetable brochettes for veggie coeliacs.

Avocados Free Restaurant – Enric Granados 13 (100% GF)

A fully gluten free branch of the Avocados chain of cafes (note the other branches are not fully gluten free), also offering some lactose free, vegan and sugar free options. Loads of tasty lunch and brunch choices, including poke bowls, pizza, pasta, bread with dips and even a kids menu.

Gluten Free Picnic Supplies

You will find gluten free products readily available in most Spanish supermarkets, hence picnicking can be a nice lunch alternative if you want to make the most of the sunshine or holiday on a budget. Look out for naturally gluten free items too like tortilla (Spanish potato omelette) in the fridge section and be sure to fill up on Spanish strawberries! Here are some supermarkets you will find around Barcelona, which offer gluten free products for sale.

Carrefour – there are a number of small Carrefour around Barcelona, selling both their own range of gluten free products and other brands.

Dia – stocking Schar and Proceli products, amongst others, as well as Daura gluten free beer.

El Corte Ingles – they normally have an especially good range here, with brands including Schar, Panceliac and Gerble, plus various gluten free beers.

Mercadona – lots of choice in these supermarkets too.

Veritas – a big range here too, plus lots of dairy free products

Gluten Free Beers

It seemed to me that gluten free beer was available nearly everywhere we went! Whichever watering hole you end up in be sure to ask for “Cerveza sin gluten” in case they have some hidden away in stock, otherwise try one of the places we visited:

Buenas Migas in Barcelonetta – beachside beers with Daura gluten free. I found beer in so many bars in Barcelona and there are lots of varieties to be sampled. This particular place is on the Barcelonetta beachfront.

Cal Marius mentioned above also has loads of gluten free beers.

Soho House Barcelona – Barcino Brewers beer, a locally brewed gluten free beer that was very nice.

Gluten Free Barcelona Airport

Note this information might be outdated, as I could not find details online and my latest visit to the airport was 2019.

Barcelona El Prat airport is so much better now than last time I was stranded there waiting for a delayed flight with no food. This time in terminal 2 I spied a couple of gluten free options:

Dots Bakery – Schar gluten free tortellini and canneloni ready meals

Pans & Co – gf cakes

I also saw signs for gluten free options at other restaurants in the terminal and if you are in Terminal 1 there is a Mussol, which as I mentioned above is a restaurant with plenty of gluten free choices.

Other Recommendations

I was sent loads of brilliant gluten free recommendations by my followers on instagram before we went on our trip. See below some extra recommendations that might be worth investigating and I have them all earmarked for my next trip:

  • Allium – very allergy friendly and good for coeliacs. Restaurant
  • Bar Mut – good for seafood. Good for tapas options.
  • Bendita Helena – healthy, organic food. Brunches with gluten free options.
  • Castanya – tapas with an almost gluten free kitchen.
  • El Tio Che – gluten free ice-cream cones and gluten free bread. Certified by Catalunyan coeliac society.
  • Fonda – ask a waiter and they will bring you a special menu that highlights coeliac safe dishes.
  • Forn Boix bakery – possible gluten free options.
  • Green and Berry – healthy gluten free baked goods, with a menu that is clearly marked up.
  • Hard Rock – certified by the Catalunyan coeliac society.
  • Kamiya – sushi restaurant with gluten free choices marked on the menu.
  • Lluna – a fancy restaurant with many gluten free choices.
  • Lolita Taperia – a tapas restaurant offering some gluten free options.
  • Martinez – gluten free paella with a fab terrace and serious views.
  • Mi Gracia – a fantastic argentinian restaurant that have a completely gf menu. Looks like a cute restaurant. Closed Sun. Mon 7.30pm-midnight.
  • Restaurant Montiel – gluten free options and can cater for coeliacs. Gf menu. Modern catalan with a twist. Marked up with dairy free options too.
  • Taberna Milagritos – gf food and also gf beer. Looks nice.
  • Tropico – a brunch spot with gluten free options.
  • Vacka – I hear rumours that they serve gluten free waffles…

Outside city:

  • Calella – elpeixgrillat – family restaurant 100% gf. Paella, lobster soup rice, croquetas, desserts. Specialise in local fish and seafood.

Hotels :

  • Barcelo Hotels – amazing range of gf products (Hotel Barcelo Sants)
  • Generator Hostel – gf bread for breakfast

Happy travels everyone! x