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Naples is full of life. From the people to the very streets, unique, vibrant and unapologetically alive.  It’s a wonderful city to visit and for coeliac travellers there’s also a very delicious gluten free Naples to be discovered.

We visited as part of a larger Italy roadtrip, also taking in Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Umbria. I’m so glad we included Naples too and would highly recommend it for a weekend break or a couple of days stopover.

Is Naples Coeliac Friendly?

There are tonnes of coeliac friendly restaurants in Naples. Italians generally do gluten free properly, with cross contamination measures in place and good gluten free menu offerings. I ate one of the best pizzas OF MY LIFE in Naples (full details below).

You’ll also find a few dedicated gluten free locations in Naples, including an incredible bakery. Read on for aaaaall the details!

But I Don’t Speak Italian!

If you don’t speak Italian take an Italian Language Coeliac Travel Card – print off a few copies to show restaurant staff. Then you can be sure they are aware of your coeliac status and will cater for you accordingly.

There will usually be someone around who speaks some English, but perhaps not enough to understand about coeliac disease. Hence, it always helps to be prepared with your coeliac card.

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Gluten Free Friendly Hotels in Naples

We stayed in an AirBnB apartment fairly centrally, and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the city, eating gluten free treats along the way.

However, should you prefer a hotel option, there are a few gluten free friendly places to consider.

There should be plenty of others too. But there’s a little selection to kick start your holiday planning. Now let’s get onto the restaurants, cafes and bakeries!

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Fully Gluten Free Eateries

Leopoldo Cafebar

A must visit for gluten free visitors to Naples, Leopoldo is an incredible fully gluten free bakery. The selection of cakes, pastries and local specialities blew my mind and we went away with a large boxful. Everything was excellent!

There are a few Leopoldo in Naples, but this is the only fully gluten free one.

gluten free bakery naples leopoldo


Another fully gluten free bakery, which has opened since I last visited, so I haven’t been personally. Via Belvedere, 47, 80127 Napoli NA, Italy

Zero Zero Grano

Fully gluten free restaurant. Menu choices include arancini, fritto misto, fried mozzarella, pastellate, bruschette, fresh pastas and the traditional Naples dessert Baba with limoncello custard. Accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society (AIC).

gluten free restaurant naples zero zero grano

Wapo Natural Food

We didn’t visit but from my online research I am pretty sure this restaurant is fully gluten free. They focus on naturally gluten free foods and I spotted homemade gluten free ravioli on their menu!

Mr Pepper

On the outskirts of Naples, this is a dedicated gluten free restaurant with incredible-looking homemade gf pasta. Could be worth going out of your way for if you have a car.

Italian Coeliac Society (AIC) Accredited Eateries

These restaurants will be following cross contamination processes, approved by the Italian coeliac society. An extra safe bet for good gluten free food.

Mama Eat

I’ve visited the Rome branch of Mama Eat and there were some incredible deep fried treats on offer. At the Naples one they have two kitchens, one for gluten free and one for gluten-containing dishes.

All dishes on the menu are available gluten free and lactose free. There’s a huge selection from pizza and bruschette to croquettes, arancini and deep fried everything! Then desserts like tiramisu and deep fried pizza strips with nutella for dessert.

gluten free fried doughnuts naples mama eat

Al Pruneto 1944

Gorgeous gluten free pasta dishes, fresh deep fried calamari and gluten free pizza. The food hear looks mouthwateringly good.

La Cantinella

This elegant restaurant can cater for gluten free guests. The focus is on traditional Neapolitan food.

Ristorante Pizzeria Mascagni

This pizzeria gets rave reviews for its gluten free pizza. Even Italian reviewers saying it’s the best pizza they’d ever had!

Mammina Pizzeria e Cucina Genuina

Large selection of gluten free food, from pizza and pasta to desserts.


Gluten free food with good views across the bay.


Highly reviewed by coeliacs, as being very gluten free friendly with a wide array of tasty choices.

Bagno Elena Beach Restaurant

This little beach cafe has gluten free options, however I could not find full details online (and we didn’t visit in person).

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants

These locations seem to be able to cater well for coeliacs. I’ve tried a couple personally and have spoken to staff at the others or based on multiple positive online reviews.

Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre al Mare (via Partenope restaurant)

When your gluten free pizza looks even better than the normal ones! This insane pizza was gluten free and coeliac friendly. Sorbillo was recommended to me by a few local followers when we visited Naples, so I knew we had to try it I’m so glad we did as that pizza was amaaaazing. A proper wood fire cooked beauty with delicious toppings.

Langella A Mergellina Napoli

A well-reviewed restaurant that offers gluten free pizzas cooked in a dedicated oven. There are plenty of other gluten free options too and they usually have a dedicated gluten free fryer.

Oven Take Away

We grabbed a quick dinner at this casual, veggie restaurant one evening, with our daughter. Note the signage in one place says 100% gluten free but they are NOT fully gluten free. However, they have lots of gluten free options that are prepared safely. Speak to staff to double check when you order. They also have gluten free beer.

120 Grammi

Another good place to grab a quick, cheap bite to eat. This pasta cafe has gluten free options. It takes 15 mins to make as they cook it fresh and there’s a 1 euro surcharge for gluten free.

Pizzeria Vesi

A big coeliac friendly pizza sign, however it was closed when we visited so I wasn’t able to check it out for myself. Reviews are mixed so it might be that you can get better gf pizza elsewhere (see recos above!).

Pizzeria ‘Ntretella

Lotas of happy coeliacs have reviewed this place and when I popped by they had good options.

Pizzaioli Veraci

LOTS of gluten free signage here, and the staff told me their pizzas are coeliac friendly. They also have gluten free chips, croquettes and other gluten free options. It also has lots of glowing reviews online.


We passed this small restaurant which stated on the menu that they had gluten free options available. They had some nice outdoor tables, tucked down a small street. There are also some very positive reviews about eating gluten free safely here online.

Caffe Svelato

This tiny shop has a freezer full of Grom ice cream treats (all gluten free). Keep an eye out for Grom signs when you are around the city.

We love discovering new places and sometimes navigating via gluten free bakeries is a great way of finding beautiful spots like these hidden Mediterranean-coloured tiled cloisters at Santa Chiara in the old town.

Perfect with a bagful of gluten free goodies from Leopoldo!

Enjoy your trip to Naples! And, of course, enjoying eating your way through gluten free Naples :).

Please do email me if you have any recommendations to add. Or any places to strike off the list.

If you are visiting Pompeii or the Amalfi coast and Sorrento while you are in Naples, please do have a read of these other gluten free guides. My Rome guide might also be useful to you:

Safe travels! Laura xxx