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gluten free amalfi coast guide 2022

The Amalfi Coast is simply stunning, time to kick start your dreams of a gluten free Amalfi adventure. A glorious region in Southern Italy, with beautiful towns scattered along a rugged coastline. It’s all spectacular views, lemon groves, azure seas and, of course, plenty of gluten free food!

This gluten free Amalfi Coast guide is the perfect place to start planning your next Italian adventure. And while there are plenty of coeliac friendly restaurants dotted around, it helps to know where to look.

While we were on holiday in the region I was able to test some of these places personally. However, I can only eat a certain amount :D, so I have also included well-reviewed eateries and other locations that are coeliac friendly or recommended by the AIC, the Italian Coeliac Society.

My gluten free Amalfi Coast guide is broken down by town, to make it easy to navigate. Covering various gluten free options in:

  • Sorrento
  • Positano
  • Capri
  • Amalfi
  • Salerno
  • Ravello
  • Minori
  • Vetri Sul Mare
  • Marina del Cantone

And if you are visiting as part of a larger Italy trip, have a read of my Gluten Free Italy Country Guide. I’ve general advice and tips for travelling as a coeliac in Italy, plus a large number of city guides.

coeliac amalfi coast

Sorrento Gluten Free

For Sorrento, have a read of my full Gluten Free Sorrento Guide. Because I found so many options there I had to write a dedicated guide! One of my favourite places to eat there was the Foreigner’s Club – just look at these profiteroles.

gluten free sorrento

Positano Gluten Free

A stunning town with colourful painted houses and pebble beach, Positano lovely town to stop for lunch during your Amalfi coast trip.

Il Tridente at Hotel Poseidon

With a stunning terrace overlooking the ocean, the bar and restaurant at Hotel Poseido is a great spot for aperitivo. Or for a full evening meal or lunch. Their website mentions that they offer various gluten free, coeliac friendly options and if you pre-book even gluten free aperitivo (an early evening drink with selection of nibbles – an Italian tradition). You need to book in advance.

Casa e Bottega

A lifestyle store and airy cafe that is a perfect spot for brunch or lunch. We enjoyed a mega gluten free sandwich, salad, and baked eggs with gluten free bread (pictured below). Many items on the menu can be adapted to be gluten free, so simply ask staff and they’ll talk you through it. One of my yummiest gluten free Amalfi coast lunches.

Da Vincenzo

Mentioned in the Michelin guide, this restaurant can cater well for gluten free dietary requirements. Staff can talk you through the choices on the menu.


This place gets some glowing reviews from other gluten free travellers, who mention a big choice of pasta dishes and gluten free bread. PLUS gluten free desserts!


I saw @glutenfreeizzy sharing some gluten free croissants on Instagram, which she had bought at this bakery, with some filled with jam or chocolate. It seems the bakery does not have many gluten free options and I’m not sure about coeliac friendly-ness, but maybe pop in if you are passing.

Caffe Positano

Another pretty terrace with sea view, this restaurant serves up some impressive risotto and also offers gluten free pasta dishes.

gluten free positano

Capri Gluten Free

An island rather than part of the coast, but a destination that many Amalfi Coast visitors add to their itineraries. Hence, I thought I should include it in this gluten free Amalfi Coast guide.

Da Paolino

A rather famous restaurant with beautiful outdoor terrace, covered with lemon trees. This restaurant has a gluten free section on the menu with a good variety of dishes, including filled pasta and pizza fritta.


Gluten free options available including pizza and pasta. Please check about pizza cooking processes if you are coeliac.

Da Gemma

A restaurant and beach bar I have seen recommended by a few people online, for seafood and being able to offer gluten free options. Choices are not marked on the menu but staff can talk you through the options.

Al Grottino

This restaurant has a good understanding of coeliac disease and offers a variety of gluten free pasta dishes. They also have gluten free bread and gluten free dessert options.

La Canzone del Mare

This restaurant has a stunning location right on the water, and they can accomodate gluten free diners. Choices include gluten free pasta.

gluten free lemon amalfi coast
Granita al limone – the best lemon slushy ever! You’ll find these everywhere and they are naturally gluten free.

Amalfi Gluten Free

Marina Grande

For lunch with a view, this beachside restaurant is highly rated for its food (mentioned in the Michelin guide) and can cater for gluten free diets. Nearly all dishes can be made gluten free upon request.

Ristorante La Bussola del Mare

This restaurant and hotel is accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society, making it a safe bet for gluten free food.

Taverna degli Apostoli

A nice little eatery serving various gluten free options, including pasta and bread.

Sant’Andrea Pizzeria

Well reviewed as being coeliac friendly, this pizzeria has gluten free bread, pizza and pasta available. Their menu mentions allergies and they have measures in place to limit the risk of cross contamination. The pizza is coeliac friendly and housemade.

Trattoria Da Maria

Cater well for coeliacs, offering various main courses, gluten free pizza and pasta.

Ristorante La Caravella

A fine dining, Michelin-starred restaurant that can offer a gluten free menu. Booking essential. It’s a, 8-course gluten free tasting menu for two people and certainly isn’t cheap at EUR160 per person, but if you are looking for a special meal this could be the spot.

La Perla

A local reader told me that everything can be done gluten free at this restaurant.

gluten free amalfi
Gluten free ice cream sandwich, look out for “Grom” in ice cream shops. They come pre-packaged and everything Grom make is gluten free.
amalfi gluten free

Salerno Gluten Free

A large city at the start of the coast, Salerno can be a good starting point for you gluten free Amalfi adventures. Plus the city has a good range of coeliac friendly restaurants and gluten free bakeries to stock up in!

Re Mauri

This Michelin-starred restaurant bills itself as a coeliac friendly restaurant on the Amalfi coast, they even have a full post about it on their website. The food looks wonderful.

Arienzo Pasticceria Senza Glutine

A fully gluten free bakery, outside of the centre but worth a little adventure for all the gluten free baked goods!


Another little gluten free bakery with fully gluten free shop.

Salerno Centro Pizzeria Gourmet

This pizzeria offers coeliac friendly gluten free pizza and gets some rave reviews for the quality of their gf pizza. Dairy free and lactose free options available.

Grand Hotel Salerno

A conference-venue sort of hotel, located in the centre of Salerno that is accredited by the AIC (the Italian Coeliac Society).

Il Giardino degli Dei

This group of pizzerias in Salerno are AIC accredited and all of their pizzas can be made with gluten free bases.

La Bodeguita

Another AIC accredited spot offering coeliac safe pizzas!

gluten free salerno

Ravello Gluten Free

A gorgeous little town, Ravello warrants a wander. We whiled away a few hours here.

Ristorante Belvedere at Hotel Caruso

A coeliac friendly hotel with incredible views from their restaurant terrace. Gluten free options are marked on the menu and other dishes can be adapted.

Al Ristoro del Moro

This restaurant is accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society (AIC) and offers a gluten free menu.

Hotel Graal

This hotel is AIC accredited and has two restaurants, one for guests and one for the public.

Hotel Ruffolo

This gorgeous-looking hotel is AIC accredited, making it a fab place for coeliac visitors to the Amalfi coast to stay. Their Ristorante Sigilgaida is open to the public and has good gluten free optins available.

Ristorante Raffaele dell’Hotel Parsifal

Another AIC-accredited hotel restaurant. Again, lovely views and plenty of gluten free optiosn including gluten free pasta and bread. Many dishes can be adapted to suit coeliac guests.

Minori Gluten Free

Minori is a cute little town that you may pass through, and if you do perhaps investigate this bakery.

Pasticceria Sal De Riso

This mixed bakery offers a few gluten free cake options – please check about processes before you order, however generally in Italy they are mindful of cross contamination.

Vietri Sul Mare

La Fattoria

Situated a short distance inland, this restaurant and B&B is accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society.

gluten free ravello

Marina del Cantone Gluten Free

A smaller, low key resort at the far end of the coast, it’s a nice place to escape the crowds if you want a quieter beach day. We stayed up in the hills not far from here, and enjoyed the relative peace and quiet.

Taverna del Capitano

This unassuming restaurant actually has a Michelin star and when I popped in they assured me they could cater for coeliacs.

Il Cantuccio

Just along the beach, jutting out over the water, this restaurant was another I found with gluten free options available.

Self Catering on the Amalfi Coast

We stayed in an Airbnb with self catering facilities, as we’ve young children. In the evenings we tended to cook at home then eat out for lunch.

You’ll find supermarkets sell lots of gluten free products in Italy, from pasta and pizza to bread and ice cream! It’s a great way to save money too, as those Amalfi Coast restaurants can be pricey.

Happy Travels! Laura xxx

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