With everyone being encouraged to stay at home at the moment, lots of people are getting creative in the kitchen. I have been receiving lots of messages from followers looking for reliable gluten free bread recipes, so I thought it might be helpful to share a round up of recipes you may wish to try.

Starting with my super simple gluten free flatbread, which only calls for 4 store cupboard ingredients (no yeast, no egg, only flour, yoghurt, salt and baking powder needed), then advancing to artisan gluten free sourdough loaves, there are so many breads to try!

Whether you’ve never baked before or are a gluten free bread pro looking for a new challenge, you should find a recipe link here to suit you.

I’ve some beautiful bread recipes of my own, which I make all the time at home and love, plus a few others I’ve seen recommended.

With other people’s recipes, I’ve not tried most of these personally, but am basing on a reliable testimonial from a friend or follower. If you’ve any favourite recipes you would like to see added, please ping me an email to mygfguide@gmail.com with the details.

You’ll see I have divided the recipe collection into two parts: 1) Simple Recipes, 2) Advanced Recipes. The simple recipes use a standard single gluten free flour blend (such as FREEE or Shipton Mill), whereas the advanced call for a home blend of flours (such as rice flour, tapioca starch or sorghum).

You can buy all of these more specialist flours online from Shipton Mill for a very reasonable price, however at the time of writing they have no delivery slots available. Keep an eye on their website as they are releasing new delivery slots regularly and have a lovely range of gluten free flours.

There are also a few brilliant independent business selling gluten free bread mixes or kits online, so I’ve compiled a little section for them at the end of this article.


These recipes only call for a single, pre-made gluten free flour blend, for example FREEE by Doves Farm plain flour or Shipton Mill bread flour. This is the best place to start if you have limited ingredients or are new to bread making.

4-Ingredient Gluten Free Flatbread

These mega easy flatbreads only require 4 ingredients and loads of you have already enjoyed making these. You can keep them plain or transform them into cheese bread, naan bread, olive and tomato bread, or whatever you like!

No resting time is needed, you simply make the dough, roll the flatbread out and then cook in a griddle pan. All in all, you can whip these flatbread up in around 30 minutes flat :).

Ingredients needed: gluten free plain flour, baking powder, salt and yoghurt.

Easy Focaccia Bread

A brilliant place to start with yeasted breads, this easy focaccia yields a wonderfully soft crumb and golden crusts. You only need a shop-bought flour blend to make it and it can be enjoyed by both gluten free people and gluten eaters alike!

6-Ingredient Breadmaker Loaf

6-Ingredient Rolls

Shipton Mill White Gluten Free Loaf

This loaf is made using their gluten free white bread flour, with simple additions of yeast, salt, oil and water. We went through a phase of baking it regularly, and it’s a lovely little loaf that is quick and easy to mix.

Ingredients needed: Shipton Mill white bread mix flour, warm water, activated yeast, salt and olive oil.

FREEE Gluten Free White Loaf

This loaf uses the FREEE white bread flour, which is (normally) available to buy in most supermarkets. I’ve not tried it but it has good reviews on their website.

Ingredients needed: FREEE gluten free white bread flour, plus oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, egg, yeast and water.

Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls

One for those of you in the US, as this recipe uses cups as measurements. For soft gluten free dinner rolls, this was recommended to me by a follower.

Ingredients needed: gluten free flour, xanthan gum, instant yeast, sugar, salt, warm water, margarine, egg and cider vinegar.

Image credit: My Gluten Free Kitchen


I’ve found that tapioca starch works absolute wonders when baking bread and now have a few recipes using it alongside shop-bought flour blends. Here are a few gluten free breads you might like to try, which all use a little tapioca:

Soft Baked Pretzels

Homemade Pizza

Garlic Pizza Bread

Authentic Naan

Peshwari Naan

Hot Cross Buns

Pao De Queijo


Starter: Naomi Devlin’s Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

Naomi is a gluten free bread making queen, regularly running courses about how to make perfect gluten free bread. Many of her recipes use this sourdough starter as a base, so I’m including it here as a starting point.

Head to Naomi’s Instagram for some great tutorials and details of her online bread courses, as well as helpful visuals and Instagram lives.

Naomi’s Malty Sourdough with Pumpkin & Chia Seeds

Using sourdough starter, this loaf looks wonderful. I’ve made a similar recipe of Naomi’s before (from her River Cottage Gluten Free cookbook, which I would really recommend) and it worked a treat.

Naomi’s recipes tend to include some more specialist ingredients, but if you have them I would highly recommend trying her recipes.

Use of these ingredients is purposeful and they yield a much better bread than you will get from any standard gluten free flour mix. You can buy most of these flours online, my preferred supplier is Shipton Mill.

Ingredients needed: chestnut flour, brown teff flour, tapioca starch, sweet rice flour (optional), buckwheat flour, sea salt, chia seeds, psyllium husk, sourdough starter, yeast, molasses (optional) and pumpkin seeds.

Allergy Free Alaska Oatmeal & Millet Bread

For those of you based in the US, this recipe uses cups as measures so you may wish to give this a try should you not have time to convert the others.

I have not tried it personally but it was recommended by a follower and has good online reviews too.

Ingredients needed: sugar, water, yeast, eggs, olive oil, honey, cider vinegar, millet flour, tapioca starch, oat flour, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, xanthan gum and salt.


Little Bakery of Happiness

Now available for nationwide delivery, Little Bakery of Happiness is fully gluten free and they have a few bread mixes available in their online shop. Choices include squishy bread rolls and a sandwich loaf mix.

The Box Bakery

This independent company creates bread mixes in boxes, that you simply add water to and then bake. Handy if you want a homemade loaf without the faff of kneading and shaping.

I hope you’ve found this round up about how to make gluten free bread at home helpful. There are some brilliant recipes out there on the internet and I’m sure many more I have missed.

Had enough of bread? Why not try making pasta! I have a fab gnocchi recipe, which is super easy and very therapeutic to make. You can find the recipe here:

Enjoy! Laura x