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I have written a beautiful gluten free cookbook! And it’s packed with 100 awesome gluten free recipes. Eat & Enjoy Gluten Free is available to order now, worldwide!

gluten free cookbook eat and enjoy gluten free by laura strange

If you have any questions about my gluten free cookbook, send me an email at But have a quick read through the below first, in case I’ve already answered your question here.

What’s In This Gluten Free Cookbook?

In Eat & Enjoy Gluten Free you’ll find a collection of 100 delicious recipes. The first half of the book focuses on easy meals, from quick dinners and food prep to one pot wonders and sensational sides (helloooo spring rolls, naan bread and Yorkshire puddings).

Honestly everyone can enjoy these meals, whether they are gluten free or not. Oh and there’s a whole chapter on pasta, including tagliatelle, egg noodles and gyoza.

gluten free egg noodles
My kids tucking into the chicken chow mein with egg noodles from the book
gluten free croquettas
Chorizo & Manchego Croquettas
gluten free pizza

The second half of this gluten free cookbook focuses on gluten free baking. Helping you to upskill from easy bakes like simple vanilla cupcakes and seriously amazing cookies, to incredible rainbow cake and pastel de nata. I’ve chapters on cakes, cookies and bars, bread, desserts and pastry.

Rainbow cake
Chocolate & hazelnut swiss roll

Did You Say Gluten Free Pastry??

That’s right, friends, you’ll find recipes for gluten free puff pastry, gluten free filo pastry and gluten free shortcrust pastry in the book! The perfect reason to order my gluten free cookbook :).

gluten free puff pastry
gluten free puff pastry recipe
Puff pastry

Is The Bread Chapter Really Hard?

Not at all, but I’ve put the recipes in an order to help you upskill, writing everything in clear and easy steps. Starting with easy flatbread and three ingredient wraps, working through pizza, bagels and baguettes all the way to beautiful homemade sourdough. And details on how to make a sourdough starter in the book.

gluten free sourdough recipe
Sourdough boule

Are There Fried Doughnuts?

Of course! I couldn’t write a gluten free cookbook and not include the recipe we all crave. The gluten free fried doughnuts are sensational. You’ll also find a wonderful fluffy waffles recipe, another one I get asked for often.

gluten free fried doughnuts
Proper fried doughnuts

Are There Imperial and Metric Measurements?

Yes, you will find that every recipe is written to show both metric and imperial measurements. For the meals section we also have cups, but for the baking section you will need scales for accuracy. Cup measurements can vary so much and gluten free baking needs precision.

gluten free gyoza
Caramelised pork gyoza

When Is It Being Released?

Eat & Enjoy Gluten Free was published in the US on 27th February 2024, UK on 29th February and 6th March in Australia and NZ.

gluten free crusty baguette
Crusty Baguette

I Can’t Afford to Buy This Gluten Free Cookbook, Will I Be Missing Out?

I appreciate that household budgets are tight, so if you cannot afford to buy a cookbook remember you can find hundreds of free recipes here on my website. My goal has always been to make gluten free cooking accessible to everyone.

You could also visit your local library to look at a copy. If they don’t stock it, simply submit a request form at the library desk and hopefully they will get it in.

You’ll find some helpful gluten free meal plans here too, including a budget one that is a fantastic way of stretching your weekly food shop.

A Big Thank you to Everyone

Thank you for being here and supporting my journey as a gluten free recipe writer, I wouldn’t have been able to publish a book without all of you having my back. And I never forget that fact!

I also had an amazing team working with me on this book, from my editor Kate Burkett and my publisher Hardie Grant, to the talented shoot team (pictured above).

A lot of work went into this book, both from me and the team, so I really hope you all love it as much as we do!

Laura xxx

laura strange author eat & enjoy gluten free