Time for some travel fun today, with my gluten free Majorca guide. I found eating gluten free, coeliac friendly food on Majorca to be relatively easy. Supermarkets are brimming with brilliant gluten free products and there were plenty of restaurants that could cater for me.

This included a fully gluten free tapas restaurant in Palma and even gluten free McDonalds. I highly recommend it as a destination for a stress-free gluten free holiday.

A bit of advance planning goes a long way, so read on for all my gluten free Majorca tips to get you started. Some places could not cater safely for me, so avoid the hassle and stick with my tips to find some easy spots to enjoy.

Gluten Free Majorca (Mallorca)

A general tip for gluten free travel in Spain – take a Spanish-language restaurant card if you are coeliac. Although many places speak excellent English and have allergens indicated on menus, it gave me extra piece of mind to be able to convey my dietary requirements fully. Especially given my limited Spanish language skills!


Solatz by Saez

A newly opened fully gluten free bakery in Palma (on Calle Cecili Metel 3), which is a welcome addition to the gluten free Majorca scene in 2022. There’s not much info online by from a glimpse of their Instagram they have gluten free cakes and treats galore.

Tipic Sin Gluten

In Porto Cristo, this eatery is fully gluten free and worth checking out as the baked goods look yummy. Their facebook says they offer typical Majorcan specialities.


A cute little fully gluten free bakery in Palma, their fresh baked bread looks amazing! They also have a selection of sweet and savoury baked goods.


St Lorenzo Tapas

A 100% gluten free and lactose free restaurant in Majorca! Other allergens are marked on the menu. They serve quite a variety here, including gluten free tapas, pizza, pasta and epic desserts. We had giant fluffy pancakes with chocolate sauce! A must visit for any coeliacs passing through Torrenova.

gluten free restaurant majorca

Avocado Majorca

A fully gluten free restaurant in Palma, focusing on healthy lunch fare. Think wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls and smoothies.

Il Capriccio

This pizza restaurant in Palma has a fully gluten free food menu, as the owner is coeliac.


In Llucmajor, we had a fabulous tapas meal at this small restaurant and they were absolutely brilliant at catering for me as a coeliac. They knew about using a separate fryer, that soy sauce has gluten, etc, and they had gluten free bread for me. A few options were simply adapted to make them gluten free and they created a gluten free version of the chicken strip tapas so I could eat them. The meal was very reasonably price. It’s worth going a little out of your way to try this place.

coeliac majorca

So Caprichos

In charming Port Soller. Seafood spaghetti made with gluten free pasta at this waterside restaurant in pretty Port Soller. The staff here were really helpful for gluten free and confirmed that most of the seafood and meat dishes were gluten free too.

gluten free dinner majorca mallorca

Ca Na Marola

In S’Estanyol de Migjorn. This restaurant was full of locals when we visited and it serves up Majorcan specialities, like this variation on paella. Staff were very helpful with gluten free.

gluten free mallorca

La Piazzetta

In Palma Nova, this restaurant is accredited by FACE, the Spanish coeliac society. It has an extensive gluten free menu, including gluten free pizza and bread.

La Pepita Buger Bar

This burger joint in Palma is accredited by FACE. They take coeliac requirements very seriously, even ordering in a gluten free dessert from a dedicated gf bakery. All the burgers, aside from the veggie burger, can be made with a gluten free bun. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer, so the chips are safe too. Plus gluten free beer.

Moma Restobar

Accredited by FACE, most dishes here can be ordered safely gluten free. They even have a separate preparation area for coeliac dishes. Choices include pizza, pasta and deep fried items.

Raimundo Burger

Also accredited by FACE, this burger restaurant offers gluten free buns.

Autentico Italiano

For coeliac friendly pizzas, this gets some great reviews from locals and is accredited by FACE. Plenty of other Italian food gluten free options too.

Bar Zabala

In Porto Cristo is FACE accredited and gets really reassuring reviews from other coeliacs who have eaten then. Reviewers state that staff are really clued up and that they have good gluten free options available.

Ciao Ciao

In Can Picafort, this restaurant has gluten free options and processes in place to reduce cross contamination risk. Open seasonally.

Restaurant IRU

In Port de Pollenca, is again gluten free friendly. Good range of good free food choices and staff knowledgeable about coeliac disease and requirements.

Restaurant C’an Josep

Also in Port de Pollenca, the owner’s wife is coeliac so they have a good understanding of how to cater safely for gluten free customers.

Buscando el Norte Santa Catalina

In Palma, this restaurant has a good range of gluten free food options and coeliac friendly processes. The menu clearly shows which dishes are gluten free and which can be adapted to be gluten free.

Fast Food

Burger King

Brace yourselves…Burger King in Spain now offer gluten free hamburgers and cheeseburgers! I watched them really closely while they made it (as I am Queen of Paranoid Coeliacs) – they changed gloves, cleaned the surfaces down and then laid a special piece of grease proof paper for the gluten free food preparation. The bun came from a sealed packed and was then heated in the microwave on a fresh piece of paper. It tasted pretty good and what an exciting discovery!


the gluten free fast food forerunner in Spain, McDonalds can offer most of their burgers with gluten free buns now – I had a BIG MAC (for the first time in two decades)! Plus their fries are gluten free too. They have an entirely separate gluten free preparation area and are very stringent about avoiding cross-contamination.


An important side note before I detail gluten free Majorca supermarket choices. Ruffles jamon flavour crisps are gluten free and are THE BEST CRISPS EVER. Go on, grab a bag, I dare you. :)


A supermarket with stores across Majorca (and other parts of Spain). We found loads of gluten free (and lots of lactose free) food stuffs here, including bread, brioche buns, cookies, cakes, beer, pasta, pizza, crackers and flour. There was no dedicated section for gluten free items, so you have to hunt around a bit. Keep your eyes peeled for the “sin gluten” on the packaging.


This supermarket outside Palma has an ENOURMOUS gluten free section and I was overwhelmed by all the products on offer. Definitely worth checking out if you are holidaying in Majorca, as it is so close to the airport. They really have everything you could need, from all the regular gluten free stuff to gluten free doughnuts, chocolate palmiers, churros, fresh pasta, ice cream sandwiches and a massive selection of gluten free beers.


We stayed at the fantastic Bennoc Petit Hotel. They catered wonderfully for gluten free and even knew to toast the bread separately without me having to specify (cries of “but of course! Not touching is important” were very reassuring :)).

Other Majorca Travel Tips

Some places on Majorca we really loved:

Palma – the Majorcan capital city is gorgeous and makes for a dreamy evening outing (it can be hotttt during the daytime).

Cala d’Or – the beautiful beach at Cala d’Or. It’s popular (there was an impromptu water aerobics class while we were there!) but the water is beeeautiful and you can laze on the soft sand.

Port de Soller – an elegant town on the North coast where you can oogle the fancy boats and have a slap up seafood lunch on the quayside. The little marina is beautiful, surrounded by mountains with a pretty sandy band and calm, clear waters.

Jardines de Alfabia – pretty botanical gardens on the road up to Port Soller. These cool gardens make for a lovely lunchtime pitstop and kids would love exploring the nooks and crannies (as well as running the fountain pathway gaunlet…if you know, you know).

Soller – an enchanting town in the hills and a perfect place for exploring. There were a few gluten free-marked menus here too, which I spotted as we ambled around the cobbled streets.

Not settled on Majorca yet? Well check out my other gluten free Spain and European travel guides for more holiday inspiration:

Happy holidays!

Laura xxx