Perugia deserves more recognition on the Tuscan tourist circuit. Overshadowed by the big cities, such as Florence and Siena, I hadn’t heard a huge amount about this impressive city before we visited. Yet, it is a wonderful place to go for a day trip. Incredible buildings and stunning views across the surrounding countryside are just some of the highlights. The bonus for coeliac travellers is that gluten free Perugia finds are aplenty, from a 100% gluten free gelateria to crepes and piadine that are certified as safe by the AIC (Italian Coeliac Society). Read on to discover the delights of gluten free Perugia.

Gluten Free Perugia

We found lots of lovely coeliac-friendly options while visiting Perugia. From grab and go options and ice cream, to a fully gluten free sit down meal, you will find plenty of choices in and around this impressive city.

Les Cres Fantastiques

A fantastic crepe and piadina place that serves up plenty of sweet and savoury gluten free options and is AIC (Italian Coeliac Society) accredited. They have an entirely separate gluten free cooking and preparation area to avoid cross-contamination. We had a savoury crepe and piadina, followed by a nutella and white chocolate crepe. Delicious and also great value – perfect for an on-the-go lunch when visiting this pretty city. There are also some tables inside and outside if you want to sit and eat.


This gelateria is a haven for coeliacs. Fully gluten free (although this is not obvious from the signage) and some of the best gelato I have ever tried. From the chocolate-dipped gluten free waffle cones to the little gluten free biscuits you can buy in bags or have as ice cream toppins, this is a must visit. Their gelati and sorbetti are all excellent and I have done some extensive taste testing at Grom in my time :).

Osteria Il Gufo

Accredited by the AIC (Italian coeliac society), the restaurant asks that gluten free diners book in advance if possible to allow them to prepare the best possible menu for you.

La Taverna

Not tried and tested by us, but they state online that they can cater for coeliacs and that they offer a number of gluten free dishes. The restaurant is based in the centre of the city so it’s worth checking out if you are staying in Perugia itself rather than the surrounding area.

Revolution (this may now have closed please call to check)

Wow. Where to start with this AMAZING gluten free spot on the outskirts of Perugia. If you have a car you MUST visit. Revolution combines a gluten free bakery, with an enourmous gluten free ship and a fully gluten free restaurant. I was in heaven wandering around and found more gluten free products in one place than I have ever seen before. We bought a few things to try from the bakery and they were really excellent. Fresh pizza squares, bombola doughnuts filled with creme patisserie, mini chocolate choux buns, delicate fruit tarts, they have it all here. We also bagged some varieties of fresh gluten pasta to cook at home, all of which were so good we had to go back a second time to restock on gluten free treats. My number one gluten free Perugia find. The coeliac Aladdin’s cave!

Mo Mangio Io

Although we did not have the time to visit Mo Mangio Io ourselves, my pre-trip research flagged this other gluten free spot outside of the city centre. It is yet another gluten free bakery and patisserie and from the photos I found on Google the products look absolutely delicious!

Enjoy your time in Perugia and have fun discovering all those gluten free treats! If you are in Tuscany for holiday and thinking of visiting other cities and areas, be sure to have a read of my other local gluten free travel guides for this region:

Accommodation options:

  • Hotel Gio – an AIC (Italian coeliac society) accredited hotel in Perugia.

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