Welcome to this new section of My Gluten Free Guide! As many of you know, I have a young daughter and am a big fan of making her food at home. All the dishes I make for her are gluten free baby food as we try to keep our home kitchen fully gluten free (I have coeliac disease and the potential for cross contamination makes me so anxious!). After lots of requests through my Instagram account from my lovely followers, I decided it was high time to share some of my baby food recipes here.

Making baby food at home is a lot cheaper than the pre-bought pouches. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pouch in some situations, but my daughter eats A LOT and it would get expensive for us if we used them for every meal. I’m also not a fan of the plastic waste they yield.

In this section you will find some puree and mash recipes (naturally gluten free) for those early months of weaning. Then I have also included some adapted regular recipes that we often use so that we can cook a single meal for the while family. These are ideal for when you baby is a confident eater. Finally, you will find some finger food recipes – perfect for baby led weaning and for snacks on the go.

Batch cooking is the answer to time consuming food prep for babies. I batch cook everything once a week/every other week and then freeze in little portion containers and pots. Then I can defrost them quickly as and when I need them.

I’m no expert. Everything here is based on my experiences with my own daughter. I try to make her meals as nutritionally balanced as possible, but I am a mere mum not a nutritionist or professional.

Baby Puree Recipes

These recipes are good for the early days of weaning. Although my daughter still LOVES my carrot and butterbean puree and she is almost 1 year old.


Weaning Tips

Baby & Kid Finger Food

Family Meals

A lot of my recipes are family-friendly, as I cook them regularly for my own family (I currently have a 4 year old and a 1 year old). With young children, you mainly need to be mindful of salt content, but you can make a couple of small changes to ensure these delicious dishes are suitable for kids.

Simply use low/zero salt stock in place of regular salt and omit the addition of salt during cooking. Then grown ups can simply add salt directly to the food on their plates and you can all enjoy the same meal. Use maple syrup in place of honey, if making for under 1s.

Then, for very young children remember to be mindful of choking hazards if they aren’t yet pros at chewing. You can chop large pieces into smaller bits and mash peas/beans if you think your child may struggle with these.

The following dishes work for the whole family: