May I present the first ever 7-day gluten free meal plan from My Gluten Free Guide! I am very excited to share this with you guys, after I had so many requests for a weekly dinner planner over on my Instagram. The major disclaimer I should state is that I am not a dietitian or any sort of food expert. This is a simple evening meal plan featuring the recipes we eat regularly for our dinner as a family, with a good variety of foods eaten across the week. I am a home cook sharing some of my favourite meals :).

7-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

Each week I will share a meal plan, featuring seven gluten free recipes for you to try making at home. I appreciate lots of you are veggie so at least five of the recipes will either be veggie or have a veggie option detailed below the recipe title. The underlined text in the meal plan indicates a recipe link and anything not underlined is generally a serving suggestion for you to adapt as you wish (e.g. “with one green veggie” could translate into a side of peas or broccoli, whatever you prefer!).

When you download the PDF meal planner you’ll find all the active links PLUS a detailed shopping list telling you exactly what to buy for the week’s recipes. I’ve also created a little store cupboard section, showing you the extras you will need to use.

I really hope you enjoy this meal plan and would welcome any feedback you might have. Please drop me a DM on Instagram or Facebook with any comments.

Week 1


7-day Gluten Free Meal Plan UK (by Laura Strange @myglutenfreeguide)

Individual Recipe Links

In case you don’t fancy the full meal plan, but some of the individual dishes take your fancy, here are the links:

If you enjoyed checking out this first edition of my gluten free meal plan, why not check out week 2 of the plan. There are seven more recipe ideas to be discovered!


Fingers-crossed you enjoy all these recipes as much as we do! For videos of some of these recipes being cooking please head over to my Instagram and see the “meal ideas” highlight in my bio. Also feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions

Laura x