Stuck for dinner time inspiration again?! Well why not give one of these gluten free recipes a try. My husband and I make all of these dishes regularly at home as they are quick and easy to whip up, or involve minimal effort and can be bunged in the oven. Click on each gluten free recipe title to be redirected to the main recipe.

I have focused on meat and fish dishes here, but for some veggie midweek favourites check out my top 15 vegetarian gluten free midweek meals.

1. Peanut Butter Tahini Chicken Noodles

The ultimate speedy midweek meal, these noodles genuinely only take 15 minutes from start of prep until eating. My go to when I am too knackered to cook much but want something really yummy for dinner.

2. Cod & Chorizo Traybake

A one-tray wonder meal – simple chuck everything in the oven and then reap the delicious rewards once cooked.

3. Butternut Squash & Pancetta Risotto

My husband’s all time favourite dinner, this risotto pairs soft, sweet roasted butternut squash with crisp, salty pancetta cubes. Pair it with a fresh green salad for a seriously comforting midweek feast.

4. Satay Chicken Coconut Curry

I am obsessed with this recipe…I know it is my own but I cannot stop making this simple chicken curry. Packed with flavour, chicken and veggies, once you have tried it you will be hooked.

5. Sizzling Chorizo Pasta

A simple pasta sauce with a difference, this one is excellent with gluten fre gnocchi but any pasta shape with do.

6. Chicken, Nectarine & Blackberry Salad

For warmer evenings this spring and summer try my fruit chicken, nectarine and blackberry salad…I personally like to pair it with my homemade gluten free garlic bread too :).

7. Steak & Shitake Noodles

This is the one dish I have not made for ages so I am adding it straight onto next week’s menu! Chargrilled steak and veggies in a warming broth, what’s not to love.

8. Cod with Peas, Lentils & Pancetta

Filling yet low carb, this dish is a winner if you are eating late and don’t want to have that uncomfortable full feeling at bedtime. This dish uses tinned lentils, so it’s really very quick to make.

9. Pasta with Salmon, Mascarpone and Asparagus

Am I the only one who has smoked salmon for a treat breakfast then never gets round to finishing the rest of the packet? Well now I use my leftovers for this zingy spring pasta dish, but of course you could also start a fresh packet too.

10. Crab Cakes

Thai-style crab cakes so tasty you will make them again and again. Pair them with an avocado-laden salad for a perfect gluten free midweek meal.

11. Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Bowl

Sticky, delicious teriyaki salmon perched on a bed of seasoned rice, ripe avocado and edamame beans. You can easily switch up the veg in the recipe, depending on what you have in your fridge, and use basmati if you do not have sushi rice.

12. Rainbow Rice Buddha Bowl

13. Crispy Beef Taco Bake

These natually gluten free baked beef tacos are packed with flavour and quick to whip up. Seasoned beef mince, peppers and onion in crisp taco shells, baked with cheese and jalapenos, then finished with guacamole – SO delicious!

14. Chicken Fajita Bake

Another tex mex one pan bake, this is such an easy recipe, with succulent chicken pieces, bell peppers and red onions smothered in tasty tex mex spices.

15. Creamy Tomato & Chicken Pasta

A rich tomato and mascarpone sauce with roast chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes and spinach. Great with spaghetti or any pasta shape, this is a delicious and speedy midweek meal.

creamy tomato chicken pasta

For more tasty midweek meal ideas, check out my gluten free vegetarian midweek meals. There are plenty of delicious dishes to choose from!

Bon appetit x