My love for gluten free pancakes is getting out of control! I now have quite a few different gluten free pancake recipes on this site so here you will find them all grouped together.

Whether you are looking for breakfast ideas, baby and kid food, decadent dessert stacks or a romantic meal, I have every gluten free pancake you could ever need.

1. 3-Ingredient Classic Gluten Free Pancakes (crepes)

Who doesn’t love a classic pancake?? These gluten free pancakes are very quick and easy to make, you can even make the batter a day in advance if you want. They are the perfect base for both savoury and sweet pancake toppings – you’d better make a double quantity!

gluten free pancake day recipes

2. Banana Gluten Free Pancakes (kid and baby friendly)

Refined sugar free banana pancakes, beloved by both the adults and toddler in our house. I often make big batches of these and freeze them, simply defrosting when we want a pancake brekkie or snack for Alba in a hurry.

gluten free banana pancakes

3. Blueberry Gluten Free American Pancakes

These delicious, fruity pancakes are fluffy American-styles ones. Stack em high, top with ice cream, syrup and fresh blueberries for the ultimate pancake treat!

gluten free pancake recipes

4. Fluffy Pancakes

Stack em high and add all the toppings! These only need 5 ingredients and are super easy to make.

5. Buckwheat Galettes

These naturally gluten free galettes (yes despite it’s wheaty name, buckwheat is a gluten free grain) are delicious with savoury or sweet toppings. Check out my recipe for a gorgeous spinach and ricotta filling idea.

6. Chocolate & Banana Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Set your inner romantic freeeee and get cooking these heart-shaped choco-banana pancakes…especially if you forgot Valentines Day…time to earn back some brownie points :).

7. Pea & Ricotta Pancakes (kid and baby friendly)

How about this savoury option for something a little different? I first made these pea and ricotta pancakes for Alba but ended up eating a lot of them myself!

8. 5-Ingredient Banana Oat Pancakes

Will you just get a look at that banoffee pancake stack! In this recipe you’ll find a healthy banana oat pancake base, plus ideas for both saintly (fruit and yoghurt) and sinful (aaaaaall the toffee sauce and clotted cream) toppings!

9. Fluffy Sprinkles Pancakes

SO FLUFFY! These are light, fluffy and have a hidden secret….sugar sprinkles to give them a beaut rainbow colour and a very satisfying sugar crunch.

10. Pancake “Pasta” with Chocolate Sauce and Funfetti Sprinkles

This pancake “pasta” is bound to be a hit with the kids. Simply slice up some classic crepe-style pancakes and top with chocolate sauce and sprinkles for a super fun dessert creation!

Don’t forget to come back regularly as I am always adding new recipes and fun gluten free pancake creations. If you have any requests, email me at and I will see what I can whip up.

Happy cooking! x